Stéphane Gigon

PASSIONS : An avid golfer and skier, family life is my top priority.

MISSIONS : Director and Head of Coaching

80% of issues within companies are related to relations and communication

The main areas where we intervene are:




Conflict management

Team management

HR Strategies

Culture change



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Our other solutions

Outplacement, career transition

To support colleagues who are leaving the organization. In offering them help to move to their next professional challenge, you are sending a strong message of consideration and respect. It is a meaningful tool to help you keep a high level of commitment within the team in a peaceful social climate while maintaining your company attractive to future talents.

CV Check and job interview preparation

Looking for a new professional challenge? We will get your future employer’s doors wide open: complete review of your application file, competencies’ analysis and job interviews preparation

Skills assessment

The skills assessment gives you the opportunity to identify professional competencies and to understand the sources of motivation. Past assessment, current situation analysis and above all future building. The identification of a professional project which will be at the crossroads of your competencies, values, expectations, while considering the market constraints, the sector, the environment… Going through a skills assessment will allow to act not react, to be proactive instead of passive and to think in terms of added value


The assessment is a great tool to confirm (or not) your choice in the recruitment of a new collaborator or the promotion of an current employee. It will limit your risk and provide you with a strong basis to confirm your decision.